MOVE - Mosdorfer Versatile Engineering

For Mosdorfer - one of the world's leading engineering and manufacturing companies for overhead transmission line fittings and damping systems - visionary thinking and innovative product developments are decisive for success. Just by recognizing trends and scrutinizing techniques and product systems one is able to fulfil the role as strategic partner of the international transmission system operators. More than sixty-five years of successful business are an obvious sign for innovative products and reliable Services.

MOVE is an independent business unit within the Mosdorfer GmbH, headquartered in Weiz/Austria. This business unit combines the technical competence in the field of product engineering, laboratory test, system development and innovation.
MOVE is not only supposed to be an important development partner for own product innovations and modifications, it also offers its comprehensive know-how to its international customers.

You have a challenge in the field of your power network? The team of MOVE accepts the challenge and provides YOUR customized solution! Besides experienced and highly qualified engineers, our test equipment and laboratories are available for mechanical and electrical tests. From engineering analysis to laboratory and field test as well as to the consulting, MOVE is you skilled partner.


MOSDORFER GmbH, Mosdorfergasse 1, 8160 Weiz, Tel.: +43 3172 2505 - 0, Fax: +43 3172 2505 - 29,
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