KNILL Gruppe acquires Almatec Gruppe

The KNILL Gruppe recently took over 100% of the shares of the Almatec Gruppe, Switzerland, from the former shareholders, the VTC Industrieholding Munich, the founder Mr. Alfred Hertli and the CEO of the Almatec Gruppe Jürg J. Spieler.

For almost 40 years, the KNILL Gruppe develops and manufactures cabinet systems for the energy distribution in the competence center Elsta Mosdorfer GmbH in Kaindorf/Sulm, Austria. The Almatec Gruppe with 125 employees is one of the leading providers of intelligent enclosure and cooling systems in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


Franz Leinholz, managing director of the business unit cabinet systems of the KNILL Gruppe and CEO of the Elsta Mosdorfer GmbH: „The acquisition of Almatec enables us the crucial expansion of our current product program of hot pressed, fibre glass reinforced polyester cabinet systems with high-quality enclosure systems in light-metal technology and cooling systems. With our joint technical know-how and the expanded product program we will strengthen our leading market position in further segments and market the Elsta Mosdorfer products also in Switzerland.”


The Almatec Gruppe will continue as an independent company in Schüpfheim, Switzerland, and all employees will be taken over. In addition to their management functions, Franz Leinholz (CEO of Elsta Mosdorfer GmbH) and Jürg J. Spieler (CEO of Almatec Gruppe) will together lead the business unit cabinet systems of the KNILL Gruppe. The market and sales activities of the two subsidiaries in Germany will be combined.


Christian Knill, owner and president of the KNILL Gruppe: „We are proud that Almatec is now a company of our group. The acquisition of the Almatec Gruppe is one of the biggest in our 300 years of history. The new subsidiary will perfectly complement the business unit cabinet systems.”


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ELSTA MOSDORFER GmbH- a company of the KNILL Gruppe – the headquarters of the business unit cabinet systems in Kaindorf/Sulm, Austria develops and produces cabinet systems for the worldwide energy industry. With 250 employees and the three subsidiaries in Germany (Göhre GmbH), Bosnia and Croatia (TEP Elsta) a turnover of 30 Mio. € was achieved last year (


The KNILL Gruppe is an internationally group of companies, that is active in the field of KNILL Energy (components and products for the energy transmission and distribution) and KNILL Technology (production systems for the battery, bakery, wire & cable, fiber optic and metal tubes & hoses industry). With 1.600 employees the group achieved a turnover of 180 Mio €. The group of companies is led in twelfth generation by Mag. Christian and Georg Knill (


The Almatec AG deals with the development and production of enclosure systems in light-metal technology and cooling systems for the energy distribution for more than 25 years. In the last fiscal year, the headquarters in Schüpfheim/Switzerland with its subsidiary in Mechernich/Germany – 125 employees - generated a turnover of 25 Mio. CHF (


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