The company  was founded in 2009 and it specializes in the development and production of systems for monitoring and rating of overhead lines. In addition to measurements and rating, the company’s main objective is line Management.

Gridpulse System

Gridpulse system is a solution for monitoring, rating and managing overhead lines (OHLs) based on real-time monitoring of conductor temperature, current, sag (icing), load and weather conditions.

The main Gridpulse system features are:

  • Conductor temperature measurement
  • Current measurement
  • Weather measurements
  • Sag – clearance (icing) measurement
  • Ampacity (Ampacity prediction)
  • Connection to SCADA (IEC protocol)
  • Alarms
  • Intuitive Software

Gridpulse system supports more efficient operation of OHLs and enhances safety and flexibility of grid operations with the emphasis on dynamic utilization of OHLs.