Saudi Arabia 380kV

Information to the Project

Due to the fact that this line leads to a length of approx. 23km between 1 200 and 1 550 hm, the chains had to be specially tested with very critical values ​​regarding the following tests:

  • Lightning impulse withstand voltage
  • Power frequency withstand voltage
  • Switching impulse withstan voltage

These tests were all successfully carried out together with the insulator manufacturer LAPP at the high voltage laboratory EGU – HV Laboratory a.s. tested in Prague in .




  • Material:
    •  approx. 26,500 Quad Spacer Damper (Bolted Type)
    •  approx. 2,700 V-Suspension clamps
    •  approx. 520 Tension clamps
  • Duration: 2014 – 2017
  • Location: TAIF & MEKKAH
  • Length: approx. 182km
  • Sea level: max. 1,537 m sea level