Schools as visitors

  • We are always excited if we can introduce our company to interested students. We support several different initiatives, for example, we take part in the Take Tech event. Besides that, we always try to take time for other visitor requests.


  • If you want to apply for an internship in the summer, please send us your application from September until mid-February at the latest via our job portal. There you should choose the job that suits you best (compulsary internship or holiday job).
  • Since the number of vacant positions is limited, we cannot consider all applications.

Diploma Thesis/ Dissertation

  • As an innovative company, we are happy to offer interested students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the context of practice-oriented dissertation topics. If you are interested, please contact the HR team.
  • The qualitative supervision of your thesis or dissertation is of great concern to us. For this reason, we only promise support if our relevant specialist department has sufficient time to do so. Therefore It is possible that we may have to reject an enquiry due to the current workload