In the fields of fittings and damping systems for overhead transmission lines in this world, the companies belonging to KNILL Energy are strategic partners of international utilities. Besides holistic turnkey systems, which will always be adapted to local conditions, well-aimed development and production of customer specific components is a special asset.


Mature production methods and innovative technologies help to secure the high quality of the products and thus trouble-free power supply. Up-to-date high-tech simulation and extreme experience enable the development of safe tailored products within a very short time. The declared goal consists in optimizing tomorrow’s “energy transport” by using the technologies developed today.


The Competence Centre of Overhead Transmission provides the appropriate solutions to your problems. No matter whether technical, commercial, logistic or quality related issues occur – we will be at your service. A competent team of employees and managers with plenty of years of experience in nearly all markets worldwide will support you in your business. Together we can be successful!


Family owned since 1712.

Mosdorfer is a company of Knill Group. The worldwide Groups is led in 12th Generation and active in the energy, communikation and mobility infrastructure.

“We think and act in generations and not in quarterly reports – we put our focus on securing the long-term future instead of maximizing results in the short term.”

Christian Knill and Georg Knill – Owner of Knill Gruppe



Led in 12th generation
Two areas: Transmission & Distribution
Worldwide over 900 employees



High-quality fittings for overhead line energy transmission and distribution up to 1,200 kV.


Damping systems protecting overhead conductors from oscillation damage due to wind induced motions.


The All-In-One Power Grid Solution

Mosdorfer CCL

Fittings, insulators, protection and accessory for the energy distribution up to 45 kV.

Mosdorfer Graph

Insulators, fittings, conductor accessories to the Australian electrical utility and railway indust

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