MOVE (Engineering Services)

MOVE is an engineering department within the Mosdorfer GmbH, headquartered in Weiz/Austria. This unit combines the technical competence in the field of product engineering, laboratory test, system development and innovation.

MOVE is not only supposed to be an important development partner for own product innovations and modifications, it also offers its comprehensive know-how to its international customers.

You have a challenge in the field of your power network? The team of MOVE accepts the challenge and provides YOUR customized solution! Besides experienced and highly qualified engineers, our test equipment and laboratories are available for mechanical and electrical tests.

From engineering analysis to laboratory and field tests as well as to the consulting, MOVE is your skilled partner.


FE-Simulation MOVE

The increase requirements placed on transmission lines forces transmission line operators and manufacturers to eliminate all risks right from the start. The delivery of reliable products within shortest development times – with the latest high-tech simulation based on broad experience – has long been reality at Mosdorfer. MOVE offers expert support in product engineering and system development.

The services at a glance:

  • Product development for OHTL fittings (LV/HV) according to international standards or clients specification
  • System solutions for vibration protection
  • System Solutions for UHV lines and DC operations
  • System solutions for load transposition
  • System solutions for HTLS conductors
  • Development of fittings and accessories for innovative conductors

Laboratory Tests

Hochspannungsversuch MOVE

Mosdorfer operates mechanical and electrical laboratories at its international plants. In addition Mosdorfer maintains good relations to well-known national and international laboratories and is thus capable of executing the majority of the specified tests.

Laboratory tests include:

  • Static mechanical tension tests up to 1200 kN rated strength
  • Tensile tests on conductor fittings up to 30 m span length
  • Dynamic vibration tests on components and conductors
  • Conductor self-damping tests for all type of conductors
  • Tests on spacers and spacer dampers
  • Tests on vibration dampers
  • Fatigue tests on components and conductors
  • Vibration tests in combination with salt spray tests
  • Efficiency tests of conductor-damper systems
  • Thermal heat cycle tests for conductor fittings
  • Chemical analysis for steel and aluminium specimen
  • Tensile tests on material specimen
  • Charpy Impact tests up to -40°C
  • Electrical resistant tests on conductor fittings
  • Tensile tests on conductors with temperatures up to 240°C
  • Tensile tests on OPGW with optical attenuation tests
  • Dielectrical tests up to 10 kV

Field Tests

Feldversuch MOVE

MOVE can also undertake tests that have to be performed directly on transmission lines.

These include:

  • Vibration measurements on OHTL conductors and earthwires with vibration recorders
  • Vibration recorder measurements for bundle configurations


The range of services that MOVE offers incorporates active consulting.

Consulting covers:

  • Evaluation and analysis of aged fittings
  • Evaluation and analysis of vibrations on conductors and components
  • Installation and handling of TL fittings and components
  • Installation and handling of compression fittings
  • Electrical and mechanical dimension of strings up to 1200 kV
  • Electrical field simulations with FE method
  • Mechanical simulations of components with FE method
  • Seminars

Technology Partners

In order to offer a broad portfolio of services and engineering, MOVE works with renowned external partners:

  • SinusPro GmbH
  • Institut für Technische Logistik