Cabinet Systems

In this business unit the companies of the Knill Energy engineer and manufacture cabinet and enclosure climate control systems for special technical applications in the energy distribution, telecommunication, traffic technology and industry. With more than 40 years of experience in this field we are today among the world leading suppliers. By constantly further developing our competences and products, we have made it our objective to inspire our customers with innovative solutions. Our goal thereby is that our cabinet systems provide the best protection from external influences for the integrated components and applications of our customers.

Besides cabinets made of glass fiber reinforced polyester, which are particularly weather and UV-resistant, high-quality aluminum cabinets are offered. As they are manufactured in profile technology these enclosures are maximum scalable and can easily be produced in various dimensions.

Particular attention is paid on the enclosure climate control. Available are patented cooling systems such as heat exchanger, head fan roofs, air conditioning units and filter systems. These systems ensure the right climate in the enclosure and therefore perfectly protect the application from temperature changes.

The product portfolio contains:

  • Cabinets and enclosure systems made of glass fiber reinforced polyester as well as high-quality aluminum
  • Patented cooling systems
  • Freestanding cabinets
  • Distribution cabinets for utilities
  • Metering cabinets
  • Switchgears
  • Hot pressed components
  • “e-spot” distribution cabinets for individual energy supply systems



High-quality fittings for overhead line energy transmission and distribution up to 1,200 kV.


Damping systems protecting overhead conductors from oscillation damage due to wind induced motions.


The All-In-One Power Grid Solution

Mosdorfer CCL

Fittings, insulators, protection and accessory for the energy distribution up to 45 kV.

Mosdorfer Graph

Insulators, fittings, conductor accessories to the Australian electrical utility and railway indust