With the acquisition of the rail business of a German organisation at the beginning of 2022, Mosdorfer will become a global player in rail infrastructure. These additional products will be used to extend metro, streetcar, regional transport and high-speed lines worldwide. Together with the existing products in overhead lines, this will create exciting opportunities and synergies for the entire company.

Our competencies in rail infrastructure:

Reliable and maintenance-free infrastructure provides the basis for trouble-free operation of electric railways for local and long-distance travel. Rail traffic is steadily increasing around the world. This places new demands on railway lines – both on existing routes as they expand and on newly built lines.

Mosdorfer Rail is a full-service provider offering innovative and sustainable solutions for electric railways and tramways. We maintain a consistent focus on the reliability of the overhead contact system and high track availability.

Our competencies:

– Railway Catenary Systems
– Tensioning
– Insulation technology
– Power supply
– Safety equipment


Tensorex C+
Patented Spring Automatic Tensioning Device for Railway and Tramway Overhead Contact Lines

The overhead contact lines of railways and tramways are exposed to variation in temperature – both from the day/night cycle and in the course of seasonal changes.
This makes it necessary to constantly and reliably compensate for the resulting expansion and contraction of the contact wire in order to guarantee efficient train
services. As a full-service provider in the field of rail infrastructure, Mosdorfer Rail has an innovative solution that is clearly superior to
conventional weight-based tensioning systems – the TENSOREX C+.

Railway Catenary Systems

Better capacity utilisation of railway lines, denser intervals between trains and higher speeds mean that stresses and strains on overhead lines are constantly
increasing. Mosdorfer Rail offers overhead contact solutions and an extensive range of:

– Cantilevers
– Connectors
– Suspension clamps
– Catenary Laser Measuring Device

Insulation technology

Insulators are a key component in all energy networks – including on electrical overhead lines and in distribution stations. Mainly porcelain or composite insulators are used in railway engineering. There is no functional difference between the two types of material – but porcelain or silicone may be advantageous depending on the application.
Mosdorfer Rail can look back on long experience in the manufacture of insulators.

Power Supply

We are constantly working on solutions to make installation easier and safer, and energy networks more efficient.
At Mosdorfer we have an extensive portfolio for all applications and for connecting all common conductors – whether between stations or in substations.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is one of the most sensitive aspects of railway electrification. Reliable products, ease of use and operational safety are therefore essential. Mosdorfer Rail offers a complete range of voltage detectors, earthing and short-circuiting devices, as well as earthing and operating poles, which can be exactly matched to any requirements thanks to our modular system design. Our safety equipment represents the highest international standards of quality, safety and reliability.

Our portfolio icludes:

– Earthing clamps for all applications
– Conductor screw clamps for all applications
– Cylindrical, ball and T-bolts as earthing bases
– Earthing poles
– Earthing and short-circuiting devices
– Rail earthing clamps
– Contact wire earthing terminals

Grid Connection

Contacts are often mistakenly perceived as the weak points in electrical transmission and distribution lines. We offer a completely range of solutions for Cu, Al and bimetallic lugs and connectors for all electrical networks, for LV and MV. Mosdorfer Upresa Rail works every day with new technologies to design connectors that improve the quality of contacts, reducing any probability of failure in the electrical supply and grounding systems.